Lovers of a Libra

Peace, love, and light to you. Well cum to my love chest; a chest of lovers, stories, life, and love.

I’m Nadia, I encourage you to live life freely. Enter this page with caution as some things may be X-rated for your virgin ass eyes but you made it here so take a peak!

Live a little, be free!


LOL: Lovers of a Libra

Lovers of a Libra is a series of short poems of the artist’s imagination while performing everyday tasks. Talking to someone on the grocery line, at work sending emails to customers, driving down the street, or texting an admirer. Anything can set her mind into overdrive, anything can make her vagina walls throb, anything to distract her from this crazy world. May this book allow you to expand your mind and feel the utmost love within yourself; may it cause you to have better sex, may it allow you to feel the greatest form of love your body calls for. If love is the bottom line, allow it to start with a sensation and end in devilish vibration. Cum so hard that you’ll come back within an hour. Moan so loud that your next door neighbors will ask, “What’s the matter?” Allow this book to fill your soul with love, allow it to make you feel free, say, “This book allows me to be me; free!”



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